Before craft beer, there was great international beer!

Brew Liberty Beer was created by a sailor who has traveled the world in search of the best beers.

In the summer of 2000, while serving in the US Navy, my ship pulled into beautiful Perth, Australia. As the ship approached the pier, the sun shone on the water where it met the rustic wood dock. The city was right off the pier, similar to Seattle – only sunnier. This was where I drank my first international beer, Victoria Bitter, a cross between a lager and an IPA. Prior to joining the Navy, my palate was only subject to the big three domestic lagers in the USA. Victoria Bitter – an Australian beer – was unlike any beer I had ever tasted before. From that moment on, I developed a passion for drinking beers that came from other countries.

Traveling around the world with the Navy, drinking beers from port to port, I began experiencing the pairing of food with beer, the different aromas of beer, and the multiple hop flavors from each country I visited. Eventually my days of traveling the world on ships came to an end. During the craft beer movement of 2010, I had little to no access to American craft beers while living abroad in Japan. I began seeking out international craft beer bars in Tokyo and found some great local and international beers that would satisfy my drinking pleasure.

I moved to San Francisco in 2015, where I continued working as a US Naval Officer in the Bay Area. After tasting many varieties of local craft beers in San Francisco and towns outlying the Bay Area, I found that there weren’t really any beers that had the right aroma or essence that were enjoyable. Too many beers on the market were brewed for the beer connoisseur, and what I really wanted just wasn’t available. Longing for the memories of drinking great beers from around the world, I began brewing my own beer out of my apartment.

Based on my experiences traveling the world tasting beers, I gleaned the ability to brew just the right flavor profiles. The beer recipes I have developed are exclusive to my global beer experiences, allowing me to create cleaner and more pleasurable essences of beer in a way that the average American brewer can’t. From Wheat, Blonde, and Lager to IPA, Stout, and Porter, my beers are not too bitter or too thick. They are clean, crisp, with no bitter aftertaste, and they are brewed for anyone who loves beer. My beer is made for real people using real ingredients. As a Veteran, I have served and I will continue being of service by serving great beer.



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